Māori Representation Tu Mai Māori Mā!

Māori representation at your local council has been established for the first time in Te Tai Tokerau, giving all local and regional councils dedicated seats for Māori ward councillors, and giving those enrolled on the Māori Roll the opportunity to vote for councillors standing within a Māori ward (district councils) or constituency (regional council).

This is a time of change, and it’s never been more important for all Māori to enrol and vote, and to consider standing for council.

Māori Representation FAQs

What’s the purpose of Māori wards and constituencies?

Māori wards (district councils) and constituencies (regional council) sit alongside the general wards. The purpose of Māori wards/constituencies is to make sure Māori are represented in local government decision making.

Who can stand in a Māori ward/constituency?

You do not need to be of Māori descent to stand for election in a Māori ward/constituency. To be eligible to stand, you must be a New Zealand citizen and your name must be on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll anywhere in New Zealand. You will need to be nominated by two electors whose names appear on the Māori Electoral Roll within the area of elections for which you are standing.

Who can enrol on the Māori roll?

Only New Zealand Māori and the descendants of NZ Māori can register for the Māori roll. If you’re whāngai or you’re an adopted child in an NZ Māori family, you can only register for the Māori roll if you’re Māori yourself.

How do I enrol on the Māori roll?

If you are of Māori descent, and you’re not currently enrolled, you can choose to enrol on the Māori roll. If you are already enrolled, it is not possible to switch from General roll to Māori roll, or vice versa.

You can enrol online, it’s fast and simple, just have your driver’s licence or passport ready.

Enrol online now

Or you can call or text the numbers below to have enrolment papers sent to your address:

  • Freephone: 0800 36 76 56
  • Freetext: 3676

Can I switch rolls before this local election?

No. Currently, the next opportunity to change rolls will be in 2024, although a new ‘Māori Electoral Option’ bill sitting before parliament may see this happening in 2023, before the next national election date.

What’s happening with Māori representation at my local council?

Find out about Māori representation at your local and regional council by clicking on the corresponding council link below:

Māori representation resources

More information for Māori candidates at VOTE 2022

Want to know more about Māori representation in local government?

The ultimate guide for everything about Māori representation and participation in local government can be found on the Department of Internal Affairs website.